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Uri Hurwitz uhurwitz at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 28 13:19:46 EDT 2006

Yitzhak Sapir  wrote:  
   "I am not sure why someone thinks that "yhwh" is Aramaic. 

 It could just as well be Hebrew.  I understand (based on

  memory of past discussions here) that neither "hwh" nor 

 "yhwh" are attested or known prior to the 1st millenium  BCE." 


    One can find HWH as the verb 'to be' in an Aramaic 

inscription in a ninth/eigth  BCE century Aramaic inscription.  Check it in the KIA 

(remember, the editorial language is German) under Aramaic

 Inscriptions; whereas in the Hebrew inscriptions the verb is


   As for the root HYH in  the Hebrew Bible for 'to be', it 

is attested  roughly 2000 times ( an electronic count here 

would be helpful!); this can be compared with root HWH  in the

HB, again for the verb 'to be', which appears 5 or 6 times.


   Obviously the conclusion that the root HYH served as the 

standard verb for 'to be' in Hebrew is not far fetched; very

 rare occurrences of HWH in this verbal function would 

 have been under Aramiac influence. 

   Please keep in mind that the above remarks refer 

specifically to verbs.


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