[b-hebrew] Answering Avi: I think this is what Kirk asked for

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Jun 27 09:46:18 EDT 2006

Yes - part I - this is what I want you to do - and part II - this is 
how I want you to do it.

Remember since there was an Oral Torah which Moshe taught at the same 
time that there was a written Torah, no one needed "proof" from the 
written Torah that there was part II - because they had it.

In the written text, G-d did give authority to specific people to 
interpret how to fulfill the law in cases that were unclear, they had 
to have more than just the written text to base their rulings on.


>both talk about my sabbaths and my sanctuary my commadments. means
>what God whats and not what others say he means.

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