[b-hebrew] Psalm 118:6

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On 27/06/2006 07:31, Kim Chua wrote:
> Thanks for all the help.  I had thought if it could be
> YHVH+I as in EL+I = my God
This kind of construction never happens. YHWH is nowhere in the Hebrew 
Bible found with a personal suffix. The only examples of YHWH apparently 
being "possessed", i.e. in the construct state, are in the construction 
YHWH C:BA)OT, traditionally translated "LORD of hosts", but it is 
unclear whether this should really be understood as a construct chain. 
Whenever the English is something like "my Lord", "Lord of all the 
earth" (Joshua 3:11,13 etc) etc, "Lord" renders )ADON [not )ADONAY], the 
regular word for "lord", "master" used also of human lords and masters. 
As YHWH functions as a name, and unlike Abraham etc this name refers to 
only one deity, there is no need for YHWH to be possessed, even 

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