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Isn't that what I said in the first place? If that's what Karl meant, then I 
certainly agree.

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>> ...
>> Where I don't think that I agree with you is when your state that "they 
>> assume that any name that is also reported in Tanakh therefore refers to 
>> a Biblical individual is a de facto denial that names may have been 
>> reused by ancient, Semitic peoples".
>> Do you mean that anyone who thinks that "Abraham" was a real person 
>> automatically denies that there may have been other, unrelated, people 
>> who were also named "Abraham"? Why?
> Surely Karl's point is that some people pounce on any reference to (for 
> example) a name which might be "Abraham", in any kind of ANE inscription, 
> and jump to conclusions either that this is proof that the biblical 
> Abraham existed (on the conservative side) or proof that the biblical 
> Abraham story is a garbled tale about someone who lived somewhere else at 
> a different time (on the liberal side) - without considering that this 
> might have been a different individual of more or less the same name. Of 
> course these alleged Benjaminites, from a very different place and time 
> from the biblical Benjaminites, are an excellent example of this kind of 
> reasoning.
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