[b-hebrew] Help Asked - Minaean Dialect & Wadi el Hol

Giuseppe Regalzi regalzi1 at libero.it
Mon Jun 26 15:44:04 EDT 2006

> 2.  Also I have had no success in trying to find the LATEST details (i.e.
> 2005/2006) about the wadi el hol scripts;  the last information that I can
> access is from the year 2000 and that was when there was even
> dissagreement on some of the letters, apparently nobody had deciphered
> them yet. Can anyone point me in direction here please?

Stefan Jakob Wimmer and Samaher Wimmer-Dweikat, "The Alphabet from Wadi
el-Hôl - A First Try", Göttinger Miszellen 180 (2001): 107-12.

Eric L. Altschuler, "Gloss of One of the Wadi el-Hôl Inscriptions", Ancient
Near Eastern Studies 39 (2002): 201-4.

Meredith Chesson and John Coleman Darnell (eds.), Part I: Results of the
2001 Kerak Plateau Early Bronze Age Survey; Part II: Two Early Alphabetic
Inscriptions from the Wadi el-Hol (Annual of the American Schools of
Oriental Research, 59), American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), 2005.

Hope this helps,

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Rome, Italy
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