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I agree with you that it sounds absurd. But no less 
absurd than the claim you mentioned in the 
paragraph at the bottom of this note.

While I know of no one who explicitly makes the 
claim I reported below, that they assume that any 
name that is also reported in Tanakh therefore 
refers to a Biblical individual is a de facto denial 
that names may have been reused by ancient, 
Semitic peoples.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> From: "Yigal Levin" <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>
> Does anyone really make that claim? It sound absurd. Even in the Bible there
> are often different charecters with the same name.
> Yigal
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> From: "Karl Randolph" <kwrandolph at email.com>
> > And may I add to that the refusal to acknowledge
> > that some names may have been reused by different
> > Semitic peoples. Not just may have, but most
> > certainly were. Not only the names of individuals,
> > but also the heads of tribes who passed their names
> > onto their peoples and places.
> >
> > The myth that names were not reused is
> > perpetuated by not recognizing that Tanakh is
> > limited in its scope, recording only a small
> > minority of the events and peoples that fall under
> > its historical span.
> >
> > Karl W. Randolph.
> >
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> >> From: "Yigal Levin" <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>
> >>
> >> Two things. First, the linguistic similarity of the Mari "Benjaminites" to
> >> those in Israel. Second, the insistance of some scholars that anything in
> >> the ANE must be somehow related to the Bible, and that the "Patriarchal
> >> traditions" in the Bible MUST reflect a "pre-Israelite" reality.
> >>
> >> Yigal

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