[b-hebrew] Help Asked - Minaean Dialect & Wadi el Hol

Chris and Nel wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Mon Jun 26 14:14:08 EDT 2006


1.    I am looking for the Minaean Inscriptions where references were made
to a
'levitical priesthood' and various similarites with the order and
establishment of the Israeli Priesthood even, if I remember correctly, the
ark was mentioned?.  I have seen on an arabic website some Mineaen
inscriptions but these are more tourist photos and museum sites.  I am
looking for more information regarding their decipherment and clear examples
dating the earliest inscriptions.  If anyone can point me somewhere on the
web I would be grateful.

2.    Also I have had no success in trying to find the LATEST details (i.e.
2005/2006) about the wadi el hol scripts;  the last information that I can
access is from the year 2000 and that was when there was even dissagreement
on some of the letters, apparently nobody had deciphered them yet. Can
anyone point me in direction here please?

Thanking you

Chris, Ireland.

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