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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
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On 26/06/2006 04:42, Yigal Levin wrote:
> ... Peter and others, ... have attempted to "prove": ... that the prophets (including Jesus!) have made it clear 
> that what is important is the moral aspects of the Torah, not the ritual 
> ones.

You misquote me. I did not call Jesus a prophet or imply that he was. I 
wrote "As the prophets as well as Jesus made clear, ...", my point being 
that what I was saying was not (as had been alleged) just Christian 
teaching, but also the teaching of several prophets as recorded in the 
Hebrew Bible, which is what we are supposed to be studying on this list. 
It is intolerable that when I try to discuss the meaning of certain 
passages in the Torah I am told only what Jewish tradition says about 
them, and accused of importing Christian teachings just by comparing 
these passages with other parts of the Hebrew Bible.

> People: point b. is exactly as Christian-faith-based as is Shoshanna's 
> opinion Jewish-faith-based. Obviously any opinion based on sayings of Jesus 
> is not relevant to Jewish tradition (I know that I'm going to ruffle some 
> feathers with that one!). ...

I take you point, and that is precisely why I brought matters back to 
what was written by the biblical Hebrew prophets.

> ... Since we have all clarified out positions, any 
> further debate, without introducing new evidence, DOES come close to 
> proselytizing, which I, for one, DO think is not appropriate for this list. 
> So unless someone comes up with something really new, that's my last word!
I did bring up new evidence, that of the Hebrew prophets. I can be more 
specific if you like. And the evidence Shoshanna has brought forward, 
concerning specific Bible verses, has not been properly discussed.

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