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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Sun Jun 25 19:29:16 EDT 2006

On 25/06/2006 21:32, Brak wrote:
> I'm sure all of us remember that the Moderator said for all discussion 
> on this topic was to end on this forum - Friday being the last day for 
> it to exist. - It is now Sunday and it still continues on the forum?!?
> Obviously some people on this forum wish to continue the discussion, so 
> as the Moderator stated: do it off the forum.
> So to actually end this, everyone interested in continuing this topic 
> just reply to this post with the simple message "PLEASE INCLUDE ME".
> I'll plan on waiting a few days and then collect all the address and 
> send out the initial email which will have all of those requesting to be 
> included in the topic in the CC. So this way we can continue the 
> discussion and respect the decision of the Moderator.
> So please no more discussion on this topic until the initial email is 
> sent out - then we can resume where we all left off.
John, who appointed you moderator and judge over this list?

I am trying to focus discussion on the meaning of particular verses of 
the Hebrew Bible, which comes within the scope of this list and so does 
come under the instructions to terminate off-topic discussion. It is 
certainly more relevant to this list than any discussion of mediaeval 
traditions of dividing the Bible into daily readings.

You wrote a few days ago:
> So am I incorrect and this forum is open to theological debating, or is 
> it as I originally thought - an area for textual analysis and research.
You are incorrect. It is not "open to theological debating", but neither 
is it "an area for textual analysis and research". While the latter may 
not be off topic, the normal focus of discussion here has been not 
technicalities but the meaning of the Hebrew text.

I have no intention of getting involved in any off-list discussions of 
this matter. But I do want to clarify the meaning of the Hebrew verses 
which Shoshanna has alleged refer to Oral Torah.

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