[b-hebrew] oral law

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Sun Jun 25 16:32:45 EDT 2006

I'm sure all of us remember that the Moderator said for all discussion 
on this topic was to end on this forum - Friday being the last day for 
it to exist. - It is now Sunday and it still continues on the forum?!?

Obviously some people on this forum wish to continue the discussion, so 
as the Moderator stated: do it off the forum.

So to actually end this, everyone interested in continuing this topic 
just reply to this post with the simple message "PLEASE INCLUDE ME".

I'll plan on waiting a few days and then collect all the address and 
send out the initial email which will have all of those requesting to be 
included in the topic in the CC. So this way we can continue the 
discussion and respect the decision of the Moderator.

So please no more discussion on this topic until the initial email is 
sent out - then we can resume where we all left off.

John Steven

Karl Randolph wrote:

>Deuteronomy 12:21 is a good example of what I 
>meant about cross references.
>Starting with Noah in Genesis 9:2-4, God gave 
>instructions on how to kill and eat animals. Therefore, 
>Deuteronomy 12:21 merely refers back to what has 
>been already commanded without repeating all of 
>them. Oral law is not necessary because of the 
>previous body of law.
>Karl W. Randolph.
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>>From: "Shoshanna Walker" <rosewalk at concentric.net>
>>I did originally mention the verse:  Deut. 12:21

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