[b-hebrew] to karl R... ... many monnikers

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Sun Jun 25 14:52:30 EDT 2006


karl  Randolph...  ...   Not only the names of  individuals,
> but also the heads of tribes who passed their names
>  onto their peoples and  places.
>            qqqqqqq                    qqqqqqqqqq
..  J   Anna.... yes, it looks to non-scholar moi that such  a process may be 
responsible for belief in existence of    ''pre-jacob  benjaminites.''    
Then, as we seem to agree,  once the old testament benjaminites came along,  
inter-marriage would  create even more confusion between the  'old'  b  group  and 
 the  'new'   b   group.
i wonder if such a process explains the 'bad reputation' of  tribe of  
benjamin among some writers of scripture and among writers of extra-biblical  works. 
  Almost as if they are looking down their noses at  benajminites  for being 
a 'mongrel'  crew.


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