[b-hebrew] oral law

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Sat Jun 24 23:24:44 EDT 2006

No one claims that the sandwich which Hillel invented is LAW or Oral 
Torah.  The Haggada simply record that he used to do it.

So this example doesn't apply to actual halacha, such has how to 
observe Shabbat, how to slaughter animals, how to fashion and tie 
tefillin, etc.

I agree, and so did Paul, that the rules which God gave he intended to
be followed. But there is no record of him giving rules on the details
of how these rules should be put into practice. Did he say that the lamb
and bitter herbs should be wrapped up in the matzot, the early form of
sandwich which Hillel is said to have invented? I doubt it. He said that
lamb, bitter herbs and unleavened bread were to be eaten, but, as far as
the record tells us, he left it to individual or community decision
whether these should eaten separately with the fingers, as a sandwich,
with a knife and fork or however. Surely God doesn't care to specify
such details, he leaves them to our own good sense.

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