[b-hebrew] .. to yigal.. origins of thesis

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Two things. First, the linguistic similarity of the Mari "Benjaminites" to 
those in Israel. Second, the insistance of some scholars that anything in 
the ANE must be somehow related to the Bible, and that the "Patriarchal 
traditions" in the Bible MUST reflect a "pre-Israelite" reality.

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> yigal....In the past, there were scholars who suggested
> that these  "Benjaminites" were the ancestors of the biblical tribe - the
> chronological  and geographical distance is much to large for this to be
> taken seriously.
>              J   Anna  .... thanks, yigal, for following-up.  Do we have
> any idea re the thinking of these scholars  {apparently mistaken 
> scholars }  re
> pre-jacob  ''benjaminites.''   i.e., what sort of details did  they use to
> support their thesis.   Even though their stance may be  inaccurate,  i'd 
> like to
> research the matter   a wee bit  more.   Thanks
> ..J      Anna
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