[b-hebrew] Isaiah and Deuteronomy

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Jun 24 19:18:09 EDT 2006

Dear Paul,

My dissertation is one place to look. Unfortunately, I only provided a 
hand-done Scripture index for the seminary library, and it did not get 
into the microfilm version done by the UMI Dissertation Information 
Service. The name of the dissertation was "Mosaic Eschatology in Isaiah, 
Especially Chapters 1, 28-33." There are several allusions that I 
missed, and I did not try to be exhaustive. You could run checks for 
dissertations on your topic of interest, check library catalogues, and 
journal catalogues. Use key words and the subject search capabilities of 
the computer programs that archive information.

My dissertation contains some arguments aiming to show that Herman's 
proposal is invalid.

Harold Holmyard

>There are a few things you must decide for yourself first, in order to be
>able to answer the question:
>-Is Deuteronomy, as a text, really older, not perhaps younger, than Isaiah?
>-What about the Deutero- and Trito-Isaiah theories? "Trito-Isaiah", at
>least, would most certainly be younger than Deuteronomy.
>In which case supposed allusions/quotes might be in the opposite direction.
>2006/6/24, paul mangion <mangpp_bllist at yahoo.com.au>:
>>     how would I find out how many times Isaiah quotes from/alludes to
>>Deuteronomy?  What resources are available for this kind of quantitative
>>analysis?  How much (and how) had Hebrew changed from the exodus to Isaiah?
>>     Paul
>>     Couridjah, Australia

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