[b-hebrew] Formulation of the law

JAMES CHRISTIAN READ JCR128 at student.apu.ac.uk
Sat Jun 24 08:11:45 EDT 2006

Liz wrote
I can see where that certainly does seem logical, and in fact there is the
instance of Zelophehed's (sp?) daughters. However, what problem does not
eating pork solve, and what about not cooking a kid in his mother's milk,
etc. etc.?  

Yeah! I can see your point with the prohibition against 
eating pork and of not cooking a kid in its mother's 
As already noted though the prohibition of eating 
certain foods and the command for circumcision are 
already recorded as being given long before the time of 
Moshe so these are really out of the discussion as they 
are already accounted for.
Things like not cooking a kid in its mother's milk, 
however, are worthy of consideration.
Perhaps the formulation of the law was a mixture of 
laws already given by Yah to prior generations, laws 
that were made by Moshe in response to specific 
cirucumstances, laws given directly to Moshe from Yah 
or one of his 'messengers' and traditions passed down 
through the generations of the hebrew family.

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