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Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Fri Jun 23 11:56:51 EDT 2006

On 23/06/2006 14:41, Shoshanna Walker wrote:
> ...
> I gave some information and I explained what I believe, and I 
> respected that there were other beliefs, that's not the definition of 
> proselytizing.  Nor was there any attempt to tell people what to 
> believe, and somehow the word 'propaganda' doesn't fit, either.
Shoshanna, I refer to statements of yours like:
> It is not chauvanistic to say that you won't get a proper education or understanding if you don't learn the material.  It is a true thing to say, that you can't understand Torah from just the written text alone.

> As far as archeology and increasing scientific knowledge, over and over again, they "discover" what Torah, including Oral Torah, and those who taught and wrote down Torah, taught thousands of years ago and extracted during that time.

I read these as attempts to persuade readers of the validity and 
absolute truth of Oral Torah.

> You give me the impression that you reject out of hand anything that 
> comes from Oral Torah.  If that's true, isn't that less tolerant than 
> my position?
I do not consider it authoritative or to derive from Moses, although 
doubtless much of it is good teaching from godly rabbis. But I am not 
presenting my position as absolute truth or attempting to convert anyone 
else to it.

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