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If I remember correctly, I cited Rashi in the first place to explain 
why the word Kalla wasn't used.  Eventually someone asked why should 
we believe Rashi more than someone else who had called Avraham a 
coward, which contradicts the Torah.  So I explained why our Sages 
and Commentaries knew the Torah better.

I gave some information and I explained what I believe, and I 
respected that there were other beliefs, that's not the definition of 
proselytizing.  Nor was there any attempt to tell people what to 
believe, and somehow the word 'propaganda' doesn't fit, either.

You give me the impression that you reject out of hand anything that 
comes from Oral Torah.  If that's true, isn't that less tolerant than 
my position?



It seems to me that Shoshanna has been persistently breaching the first
of these two guidelines with her insistence on reading the text in the
light of the so-called "Oral Torah", whose existence (at least from
earlier than late the Second Temple period) and authority is her faith
and doctrinal perspective. While she has not been openly proselytising,
the way that she has been arguing for her position reads rather like
trying to convert others to her faith position. Attempts to convert
anyone to Christianity would rightly be rejected on this list. A similar
position should be taken on Shoshanna's propaganda for her own brand of

As for John's mention of Hillel, it seems from
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hillel_the_Elder that remarkably little is
known about him and his teaching. Maybe Jesus did take some of his
teaching; on the other hand, if as this page suggests Hillel was the
head of the Pharisees in Jesus' time or shortly before, why were they
following Shammai's teaching when Jesus confronted them? On the other
hand, it just might be that the Pharisees accepted some of Jesus'
teaching, but because they had rejected Jesus as a person (not for his
teaching but for his claim to be the Son of God) they attributed the
teaching they had accepted to the late and venerated Hillel. But it is
interesting to read that Hillel may have been the inventor of the doner

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