[b-hebrew] form of names

YODAN yodanco at yodanco.com
Tue Jun 20 12:46:57 EDT 2006



I'm doing some research on names and will be grateful for an answer to the
following question:


There are several names that have the following structure (using the
Pei-Ayin-Lamed root):  Pei with kamatz, Ayin with shva, Lamed with Hirik,
Yud at the end. 


Here are examples in which the Kamatz is Kamatz Katan (all happen to be in

Vophsi in Numbers 13:14

Ozni in Numbers 26:16

Yogli in Numbers 34:22


My question:  Are there any Biblical names that have this structure BUT
their Kamatz (the kamatz on the first root letter) is Kamatz Gadol?


Thank you,



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