[b-hebrew] Yahweh a QAL 3ms Imperfect?

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Tue Jun 20 05:53:00 EDT 2006

Dear Dave and Edward and all,

My recent thinking is that "Yahweh" could easily be a QAL 3ms Imperfect.

The vowels of Qal Imperfects are variable and seem to depend on each root's vowels.

These show up in 1st-gutteral roots, of which HW- is one.
Limiting the range further, I searched for all Qal imperfects of roots spelled H?H, and found four in the Bible, each with different vocalisation:

  1.. HGH "mutter" =>  Yehgeh 
  2.. HYH    "be"     =>  Yihyeh 
  3.. HMH "roar"    => Yehemeh 
  4.. HRH "conceive" => Taharu "you shall conceive" (Is 33:11)
Note the fourth root above with it's vocalisation 'YaCaCeH'.  This is the exact vocalisation suggested for 'Hiphil' Yahweh, but all of these are Qal!

A Qal Imperfect "He is" better fits the context of Exodus 3:14-15 than the Hiphil meaning "He causes to be".  Also, Hebrew root HWH is only known in the Qal stem.

By the way, I have a yahoo group dedicated to the discussion of God's name YHWH.  You would all be welcome to join us and contribute to the discussion:


Love from Garth Grenache,

Moderator of YHWHgroup


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