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As you know, the targumim are very difficult to date with precision.

E. Levin ("The Aramaic Version of Ruth," Analecta Biblica 76, Rome: 
1973) would contend that Tg Ruth has some pre-Rabbinic halakah. (But 
that does not necessarily mean that Tg Ruth pre-dates the Mishnah.)

It would be interesting to check Ruth Rabba as well. However, the 
classical amoraic midrashim would be dated later than Tg Ruth.

Arne Halbakken

>  Thank you. Depending on the date of the Targum of Ruth, which I don't know
>  offhand, this could be the earliest refference to this midrash, or have been
>  influenced by the Talmud.
>  Yigal
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>>>Dear George,
>>>The Talmud (if its really important I'll look up the source) says that
>>>was the daughter of Eglon king of Moab. Would you think that David would
>>>descended from just ANY Moabitess? :-)
>>  I'm not sure about the Talmud, but "daughter of Eglon king of Moab"
>>  is mentioned in a targum of Ruth 1:4.
>>  Arne Halbakken

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