[b-hebrew] talmud ... batting average

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Sun Jun 18 23:41:31 EDT 2006


yigal....ou make it sound as if the "web-sites and  references to 14  
daughters" are 
on par with the biblical text. They are not. The biblical  text is our only 
primary source. The rest is various attempts to understand  the text, all of 
which depend on the interpreters' own assumptions and  prejudices (such as my 
assumption that it would be unlikely that Jacob had  only one daughter, and 
Sujata's experience of families of multiple same-sex  children). We must not 
confuse the two.

      .... j   Anna ...  with my  lack of knowledge re talmud and any other 
extra-biblical jewish sources,   i'd really love to know what the ''batting  
average''  of these  sources are.
Then perhaps i could make some rational decision as to whether i wish to  
believe these sources when they have 14 daughters for jacob.   How  often are 
these sources correct ?  How often are they wrong ?    And, yes, i have to assume 
there's a LARGE space for  ''who the heck  knows'' .... space for those items 
about which we will never know with any  certainty.  Perhaps the 14 daughters 
falls into this latter  category.

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