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Yigal Levin leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il
Mon Jun 19 00:14:03 EDT 2006

Dear J. Anna,

You make it sound as if the "web-sites and  references to 14 daughters" are 
on par with the biblical text. They are not. The biblical text is our only 
primary source. The rest is various attempts to understand the text, all of 
which depend on the interpreters' own assumptions and prejudices (such as my 
assumption that it would be unlikely that Jacob had only one daughter, and 
Sujata's experience of families of multiple same-sex children). We must not 
confuse the two.


> d   pickrel.....Couldn't this just mean she would have this son in 
> addition
> to the  others borne to her?
> .... J  anna ...   certainly.  IF we wish to delete any and all of the
> web-sites and  references to 14 daughters.   If you contact me off-list, 
> i'll
> supply them.   About seven or so.   .... _c60605 at aol.com_ 
> (mailto:c60605 at aol.com)
>  ... in  addition to the citations kindly provided by shoshanna
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