[b-hebrew] .. appreciating shoshonna's detail

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Sun Jun 18 19:50:16 EDT 2006

shoshonna....  We know exactly how many daughters Yaakov  had....Rashi tells 
us in his commentary on Bereishit 35 verse 17 (when  
Rachel's midwife said to her when she was having difficulty in  
childbirth  - "Have no fear, for this one, too, is a son for you" -  
THIS ONE TOO - ie: IN ADDITION TO) where he cites Genesis Rabba 82,  
which teaches us that with every son, was born a twin sister, and 
with  Binyamin was born an extra sister.

,,,  J   Anna  .... many, many thanks, shoshonna for Rashi data.   Lovely 
addition  to what we've already seen re Jacob's multiple daughters.     Does 
Rashi provide names for the women beyond the name of dinah ?    I found a sole 
site that comes up with names of females who wed jacob's  sons.    IF  we believe 
that the 11 {minus joseph}  espoused their half-sisters, then these names 
would be the monnikers of  jacob's daughters.....and, yes, the list did include 
one 'dinah.'
..  J   anna

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