[b-hebrew] daughters jacob never spoke of

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We know exactly how many daughters Yaakov had.

Rashi tells us in his commentary on Bereishit 35 verse 17 (when 
Rachel's midwife said to her when she was having difficulty in 
childbirth  - "Have no fear, for this one, too, is a son for you" - 
THIS ONE TOO - ie: IN ADDITION TO) where he cites Genesis Rabba 82, 
which teaches us that with every son, was born a twin sister, and 
with Binyamin was born an extra sister.


Dear Karl,

While what you write may be true (although do you have any examples?), one
cannot assume that Jacob did not have other daughters. As I wrote,
statistically, for a man with 12 sons to have only one daughter is not
likely. It's more likely that the text simple did not consider them
significant enough to mention.

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> "Daughters" included both daughters-in-law and
> granddaughters. Therefore there is no need to posit
> that Jacob himself had more than the one daughter
> listed in Scripture.
> Karl W. Randolph.

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