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> Dear Anna,
> I'm not surprised, since I am familiar with this midrash. It is based on two 
> things: the mention of "all of Jacob's sons and daughters" who tried to 
> comfort him in Gen. 37:35, and the assumption that Jacob, who went all the 
> way to Haran to find his wife(s), would not have allowed his sons to marry 
> Canaanite women.
> Such midrashim were "invented" by the rabbis for didactic purposes, and were 
> not meant to be taken as "historical fact". That later commentators did just 
> that, is a problem that Jewish educators have to deal with.
> What I am surprised at, is that anyone takes the website that you got the 
> story from seriously. To me, it looks like a garbled mix of mostly nonsense. 
> Please don't let it be your introduction to Judaism, if that's what you're 
> looking for.

Hi Yigal,

I checked the Septuagint and it says, all the sons and the daughters.  Plural 
sons and daughters.

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