[b-hebrew] daughters jacob never spoke of

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Dear Anna,

I'm not surprised, since I am familiar with this midrash. It is based on two 
things: the mention of "all of Jacob's sons and daughters" who tried to 
comfort him in Gen. 37:35, and the assumption that Jacob, who went all the 
way to Haran to find his wife(s), would not have allowed his sons to marry 
Canaanite women.
Such midrashim were "invented" by the rabbis for didactic purposes, and were 
not meant to be taken as "historical fact". That later commentators did just 
that, is a problem that Jewish educators have to deal with.
What I am surprised at, is that anyone takes the website that you got the 
story from seriously. To me, it looks like a garbled mix of mostly nonsense. 
Please don't let it be your introduction to Judaism, if that's what you're 
looking for.


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> j   anna   .... i wonder if mailing-list-members are as  surprised on 
> details
> re the fourteen daughters of jacob as I am.    Material found on a number 
> of
> sites such
> as  _http://www.jewishgates.com/file.asp?File_ID=1309_
> (http://www.jewishgates.com/file.asp?File_ID=1309)      and
> _http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/t07/t0717.htm_ 
> (http://www.sacred-texts.com/jud/t07/t0717.htm)
>>From these web-pages, i gather that the 14 women {does that include dinah
> ??} espoused their half-brothers -- we already knew of dinah's second 
> husband
> being her brother simon.
>>From these web pages, it looks as though the 14 were born as twins to
> various of the 12 brothers.   And looks as though benjamin was born in  a 
> set of
> triplets.
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>       j.    anna
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