[b-hebrew] LC Internal Sederim Conflict

Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Wed Jun 14 12:24:43 EDT 2006

I found another one just like this in Kings.

In the 13th (marked as 12th in Text) break the ML has 15:09, but in the 
text it has 15:08 marked - which is how the Koren Bible has it.

The ML is on 326R of the LC, and the text is on 196R

One thing of note, is that the ML is going along where there would be a 
logical break (as there is a paragraph break there <P>), where in the 
text and Koren it is a verse before this logical break.

John Steven

Brak wrote:

>I noticed something quite interesting in the LC.
>If you look at the Mesoretic list on 326R you will see that it has 
>listed as the 13th sederim of Samuel as 20:05. But if you look at the 
>text on 161V you will see the mark at 20:04!
>Does anyone have any info on this.
>In my Koren Bible it has the 13th sederim at 20:04, but the LC and Koren 
>have varied from each other before (such as the Koren giving Joshua 14 
>sederim while the LC gives it 15.
>So why does the LC have this internal conflict, and which one is right?

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