[b-hebrew] Collecting Wow stories

Karen Spray karen.spray at lineone.net
Tue Jun 13 03:44:19 EDT 2006

Another couple came from reading a Jewish prayer book, rather than the
Biblical text directly, so I guess they may be spurious in that I don't
think anyone knows how far back the traditions and prayers actually go.  But
they still gave me that 'wow' moment.

The first was reading the Blessing over Bread and suddenly realising that
*that* was what Jesus said when our Bibles tell us 'he took bread and
blessed it and gave it to them, saying...'.

The second was reading the order for prayers before sleeping - 5 pages of
psalms and prayers, which ends 'Into his hand I commend my spirit, when I
sleep and when I wake; and with my spirit my body also; the Lord is with me
and I will not fear.'

But there is a shorter version for young children - 1 page only.  And for
infants, just three verses -the 'Hear O Israel..' followed by 'Into thy hand
I commend my spirit; thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of Truth.  For thy
salvation I hope, O Lord.'

The idea that in his last agony on the cross, Jesus may have fallen back on
the words that had been whispered into his ear as a baby falling  asleep has
me in tears even now typing this.

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