[b-hebrew] Collecting Wow stories

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<<First, I remember when I was first reviewing the declension of the pronoun
MIN, and saw the Hebrew of Emmanuel.>>

Mine was exactly this too - I actually preached on the experience at Advent
when the text came up and read out the declension from the pulpit.  I said
then that the experience was like having been told you had a relative who
died before you were born and hearing stories about them, then one day you
open a dusty old box in the attic and find it is full of their stuff, and
suddenly they are real to you.

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> Hi folks:
> I was wondering if you would be willing to share stories or places where
> your knowledge of Hebrew has let you see something in the text, or have an
> insight that made you say 'wow'.  I am not thinking of advanced studies,
> and the cutting edge insights you have made so much as I am asking us to
> reflect back on our early experiences with the language.  In some cases,
> later reflection may have led us to discard aspects of those insights, but
> their emotional impact remains.
> My purpose is to collect stories to motivate beginning students.  We know
> that learning Hebrew is a lot of work, and it can get discouraging.  These
> stories can give students, perhaps some even lurking on this list, a
> reminder of why they are doing it.
> A couple come to my mind just to get the ball rolling.
> First, I remember when I was first reviewing the declension of the pronoun
> MIN, and saw the Hebrew of Emmanuel.
> Another one was from Psalm 27:4 which reads ACHAT SHALTI ME'ET Y''H.
> (Typing from memory).  When I first read that the vowels of ME'ET slit to
> MA'AT and I read it not as the preposition MIN withe the direct object
> marker, but rather as a construct state with the Egyptian noun MAAT.  "One
> thing I ask - the MAAT (Order) of the LORD."  Now I have had enough
> eyebrows raised telling people about this to think the proposal is a bit
> a reach, but for me it has become a significant part of my reading of that
> prayer, as I seek the divine order of the LORD in my life.
> My guess is many of you have much better stories and insights.  Lets
> collect them to motivate the novices on the list, and also to help one
> another encourage our students.
> James Bowick
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