[b-hebrew] Aramaic books

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Sun Jun 11 09:39:45 EDT 2006

Greenspahn actually does include a chapter each on Inscriptions, Letters, Dead Sea Scrolls, Midrash, and Targums.
I compiled a list of errors in the first edition which Greenspahn then incorporated into the second. 
Ken M. Penner, PhD

> I have Alger Johns' book as well as Stevenson's little 
> grammar.  I have thought about Rosenthal and Greenspahn - but 
> each seems fairly pricey and neither has gotten good reviews 
> from what I've been able to find on Amazon.com and other places.  
> Is there a grammar on Aramaic in general as opposed to only 
> biblical Aramaic (which is such a small corpus) OR Talmudic 
> Aramaic.  I realize there are many differences.

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