[b-hebrew] Issues with replying to messages

Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Fri Jun 9 19:05:54 EDT 2006

Please do share with me the info on how to do such a config.

In regards to the long term members. Since this is such a brainy group, 
I'm sure for them to hit reply instead of reply all should not be that 
much of an issue. I mean we are dealing with folks who are engaged in 
high intellectual activities here. :)

In any case, such a change would effect the people who respond the old 
way. If anyone currently responds to the board they are either clicking 
"reply all" or "reply" and then entering in the list's address. The 
change we are talking about would not prevent them from doing such, as 
they could still operate as they always have with the same results. The 
change would just make things easier.

But in any case, it was just an idea/suggestion.

So please do direct me on configuring my account so that I don't get 
double messages, and I guess from now on I'll do the "reply all" button. 
(Except this time of course.)


Peter Kirk wrote:

>Brak, I think I agree with you, although a change after 10 years would 
>confuse long term members. But there is an user settable option, which I 
>have set and you might like to, such that you do not receive a copy from 
>the list of messages also copied to you.

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