[b-hebrew] Issues with replying to messages

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Fri Jun 9 17:05:58 EDT 2006

On 09/06/2006 21:22, Brak wrote:
> Hello,
> I think it would be helpful and great if a setting is changed in this 
> mailing list.
> When you receive a message and want to reply to it it puts the author's 
> address as the "TO"  instead of the mailing list's address.
> So when you click "reply" you have to go and manually change address to 
> the mailing list's address.
> I notice some people click "reply all" which places both the author's 
> address and the mailing list's address. This is annoying as if you were 
> the author you are receiving the same email twice.
> Other mailing list to which I am on provide a "reply-to" address. So 
> when a person clicks "reply" it puts the mailing list's address, not the 
> original author's, as the "TO".
> I hope the moderators have the option to make this adjustment, as it 
> would make things easier for everyone - and it is the standard way that 
> mailing lists work.
Brak, I think I agree with you, although a change after 10 years would 
confuse long term members. But there is an user settable option, which I 
have set and you might like to, such that you do not receive a copy from 
the list of messages also copied to you.

Peter Kirk
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