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Even more confusing to me is how it would take anyone 
almost 60 years (19 * 3) to read the book of psalms.

I mean, we are talking one slow reader here!

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Hey, I had another question.

As I was contemplating the sedarim issue an thought popped in my head:
Why does the Psalms have sedarim at all?

You have the text divided into 149 Psalm divisions. You have this 
divided into 5 books (with these breaks being located at the beginning 
of a Psalm. But then you have the Psalms divided into 19 sedarim!?! 
(which do not line up with the starting/ending points of the various Psalms.

In regards to referencing, I can't really see an ancient referring to 
the sedarim breaks instead of the Psalm breaks. But then again I'm not 
them, nor living in their setting - so maybe they did.

Befuddling if you ask me.



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