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A. Philip Brown II philipbrown at apbrown2.net
Thu Jun 8 10:05:57 EDT 2006

Thanks to Harold, Karl, and Yitzhak for responding to my question regarding
the Kethib QFWEH in 1Kgs 7:23; Jer. 31:39; Zec 1:16


Yitzhak wrote: "Vowels are not used when writing out Kethib forms, for
obvious reasons, and a version with vowels only shows some kind of
assimilation between Kethib and Qere."


I believe this statement is partially inaccurate. It is true that masoretic
mss supply Qere vowels under Kethib forms, but it is not necessary true that
the use of vowels under Kethib consonants consitutes some kind of
assimilation between Kethib and Qere.


The HALOT as well as the Westminister Hebrew Institute's version of
Leningradensis B19a attempt to reconstruct the appropriate pointing for the
Kethib consonants. As such the pointings they suggest are not assimilationsn
to the Qere.





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