[b-hebrew] LC Internal Sederim Conflict (Brak)

Brak Brak at neo.rr.com
Thu Jun 8 02:23:54 EDT 2006

Thanks for the reply. I noticed that as well that other texts have the 
sedarim at 1 Sam 20:4.

Do you have any input to my post before this one in regards to the 
"method behind the madness" in the selection of the sedarim breaks - as 
many of them don't make much sense. Such as in the Minor Prophets.

The post in which I am referring to has the subject "Sederim Divisions"

Thanks again for the reply!


Daniel R. Pater wrote:

>Brak, you note a sedarim discrepency.  In the Leningrad Codex (LC) masoretic 
>list  on folio 326r, the sedar 13 in the Book of Samuel indicates  20:5 by 
>the words in the middle of the verse "Lo, behold, t[omorrow]", while the 
>division marking itself is found in the text at I Sam 20:4 (folio 161v, 
>bottom of second column).
>I consulted Aleppo ad loc.and there also the Sedar division 13 indicates 
>20:4. You can confirm this at  http://www.aleppocodex.org/aleppocodex.html). 
>BHK and BHS reproduce the same.
>So, can we presume we're dealing with a scribal error?  I don't really have 
>immediate access to anything but genral information on the sedarim and 
>errors in the LC masoretic lists.  It will be interesting to see what others 
>have to say about this.
>Daniel R. Pater
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