[b-hebrew] CV syllables, was music in Hebrew

Rochelle Altman willaa at netvision.net.il
Sun Jan 29 17:39:47 EST 2006

Hey! Both of you -- watch it. I did not assert that the Masoretes had tin 
ears, also --  I said  "probably" -- which is a different kettle of fish. 
Please do not put words in my mouth..

Rochelle Altman

Yitzhak Sapir answering ...
> > (Rochelle Altman mentioned that the Masoretes had tin
> > ears, could that be a reason that they and their followers
> > did not distinguish these sounds?
>I don't know.  What are tin ears and how does Rochelle
>Altman intend to support her claims of such?

>Yitzhak Sapir

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