[b-hebrew] Job 2:4 Skin for Skin

tladatsi at charter.net tladatsi at charter.net
Tue Jan 24 00:56:01 EST 2006


I have been trying to figure out for some time what the phrase *skin for skin* - ('WR B'R 'WR) means exactly - or even approximately.  It does not appear anywhere else in the Bible.  The nearest parallel I can find is of course *an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth* (Lev 24:20) but the wording is different ('YN THT 'YN).  Also the context is different.  In Lev 24:20 there is a balancing of injuries.  However in Job, there is no obvious (at least to me) balancing of lost or gained skin.  Ha-Shatan tell Yahweh to *strike his flesh and bone* some there is some theme of body parts but the phase is still opaque to me.

Any thoughts?

Jack Tladatsi

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