[b-hebrew] Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex - Text search added in version of 23 Jan 2006

Christopher V. Kimball mail at cvkimball.com
Sun Jan 22 12:53:02 EST 2006

An elementary search for Hebrew text has been added to the Unicode/XML 
Westminster Leningrad Codex at:

http://www.cvkimball.com/Tanach/Tanach.xml .

The entrance file for this feature is *TanachSearch.xml* which can be 
reached by following links labeled "Search for text" or by going 
directly to:


See the instructions <JavaScript:showTemplate('SearchInstructions')> for 
more information. Linkages to *TanachCitation.xml* are now labeled "Find 
a citation".

A facility for viewing and clearing your cookie has been added under the 
"Technical" link on the home page. Click on the cookie 
<JavaScript:showTemplate('Cookies')> link to pop up this page. The 
Hebrew text is unchanged.

Please report any difficulties you experience with this version.

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