[b-hebrew] Hebrew keyboard & font size

Paul Rembach prembach at ourmail.ch
Wed Jan 18 15:16:52 EST 2006

>When I try to change the font size of Hebrew characters in a document, the
>characters remain at 12 point size.  ... using XP and Microsoft Office

Thanks to those who replied to my query on Hebrew font size that would not

After reinstalling Keyman and various keyboards, the font size problem
vanished but another input issue surfaced.  Fortunately the answer to this
was found in the document 'Biblical Hebrew(SIL) keyboard manual' that is
part of the SIL Ezra font package where it states:

"Most seriously, some shift-state keys on the  SIL Biblical Hebrew keyboard
(and I may add here other keyboards as well) trigger an unwanted font change
that breaks correct text rendering in Microsoft Office XP-including Word
2002 -and the current version of Microsoft Wordpad. This is due to a bug in
these applications, and reveals itself either by displaying empty boxes or
by misplacing combining marks after consonants (such as final letters etc.
which are changed to a left to right input and so misplaces it in the
sentence - and you can't put it or use it properly in the correct place as
its input language is incorrect).  The problem apparently only affects input
in applications that use RichEdit formatted text.  Plain text applications
such as Notepad and other text editors do not have this problem, so it is
possible to work around the bug by typing text in a plain text editor and
then pasting it into Word 2002, Wordpad or another application. Note that
this bug has been fixed in Word 2003."

So.  OpenOffice as suggested by Herman Meester or upgrade to
MSOffice/Word2003.  Notepad can be used but even it is not perfect  when
working with already existing multi language text.

Paul Rembach

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