[b-hebrew] Hebrew keyboard & font size

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Tue Jan 17 13:07:48 EST 2006

On 17/01/2006 17:56, Maurice A. O'Sullivan wrote:

>At 16:25 17/01/2006, you wrote:
>>You can install OpenOffice on MSWindows too. It will soon beat
>>MSOffice in any aspect, not only price.
>When I send a .DOC file ( formatted in MS Windows XP ) and use 
>classical Greek, Hebrew, or Coptic fonts in a few places to friends 
>who do not have these fonts on their machine ( and have not intention 
>of so doing ) I can "embed" merely the characters I have used in 
>those fonts ( or the entire font ).
>I cannot do this in OpenOffice, either in the original version, or 
>the update version.
But you can create a PDF with embedded fonts (the default for PDFs), and 
that is the recommended way of distributing documents when you don't 
want others to change them. You cannot generate PDFs with Microsoft 
Word, although (for Windows) you can get free add-ons like pdf995 which 
allow you to create PDFs from any Windows application.

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