[b-hebrew] Hebrew keyboard & font size

Paul Rembach prembach at ourmail.ch
Tue Jan 17 11:21:23 EST 2006

When I try to change the font size of Hebrew characters in a document, the
characters remain at 12 point size.  This happens with all the Unicode
Hebrew fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial Unicode MS, Ezra SIL SR and
Cardo.  However if there is another language in the same line, say English
or Greek then its letters will change size correctly, but the Hebrew letters
stay at 12 points.

If the language displayed at the bottom of the Microsoft Word window is
English when the text is entered, then the Hebrew letters will change size,
but this is obviously an unacceptable way of entering text as it goes from
left to right.

Does anyone have a suggestion as to what setting I seem to have made or not
made to cause this phenomenon?

Recently I changed my system from a PC to a laptop. On the PC things worked
properly. My software is the same on both machines, XP and Office 2000, with
Tavultesoft Keyman and the Hebrew keyboard by David Perry, obtainable from
his page "Fonts For Scholars"

Paul Rembach

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