[b-hebrew] music in Hebrew [was Re: Long: *Some* Bib for Bryan]

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Sat Jan 14 18:16:19 EST 2006

On 14/01/2006 20:38, Rochelle Altman wrote:

>That's the point; if it is postulated that CVC did not occur until 
>post-exilic times, then we have to add the vowel to "l-" ... It's why I 
>included the "l-"    Technically, on the same grounds I should have 
>included a vowel for "b" in the 29th.

I think you have missed my point. If the alef in l-'adonay(a) is silent, 
we have la-do-na-ya, all CV syllables. You also have a non-permitted 
consonant cluster in "ha-artza" (even taking "tz" as one consonant), 
oddly considering that there isn't one in the Masoretic Hebrew; this 
needs to be something like ha-aratza.

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