[b-hebrew] Who is "him" at Daniel 11:1?

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Artscroll-Mesorah, representing traditional Jewish interpretation, puts  
Daniel 10:20-11:1 in the same one paragraph:
"He said: Do you know why I came to you? Now I will return to do battle  with 
the heavenly prince of Persia; then I will depart.  But behold -- the  
heavenly prince of Greece approaches.  However, I will tell you what is  inscribed 
in truthful writing.  No one reinforces me against these, except  your heavenly 
prince, Michael; and I, in the first year of Darius the Mede,  stood up as a 
support and stronghold for him."
That the thoughts follow without a break, with Darius mentioned only  
casually, strongly suggests that the referent "him" goes back to Michael.   Thus it 
is understood by traditional Jewish commentators, with the exception of  
Abarbanel.  Concerning the angel's standing up for "him," Artscroll-Mesorah  says: 
"i.e., for Michael, the previously-mentioned heavenly prince of the Jews  
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So, this  commentary assumes that "him" is Darius. However, if we read the 
preceding  verses, which were written without a break, we could also 
understand that  "him" is "Michael", and the allusion to Darius is a mere 
indication of the  year.

Could you tell me some arguments for and against this  interpretation?


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