[b-hebrew] Theophoric Name: Y:HOWYFQIYM

Rochelle Altman willaa at netvision.net.il
Mon Jan 9 01:33:56 EST 2006

At 06:13 AM 1/9/2006, Harold Holmyard wrote:

>Rochelle Altman wrote:
> >(I did write up a requested report on the Zoilos Inscription; it's in the
> >article archives on Orion.)
> >

>HH: How does one get there, please? Looking up data in the B-Hebew
>archives requires a month, and I do not see it in the last two. Is Orion
>another storage place, or a subject heading, or a web site? Thanks.
>Harold Holmyard

Dear Harold,

ORION is the Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the Hebrew 
University of Jerusalem. The e-list has closed, but the site is still 
operative with bibliographies and articles remaining available.

Zoilos is at:



R.I.S. Altman, PhD

PS: Jack, if the WAW was only vocalic, then somebody had better explain why 
the ca. 9th-BCE so-called digamma of Ionian Greek is the *consonantal*  VAV 
-- that's why it was later dropped.  The voiced phoneme was covered by 
voiced beta and the unvoiced phoneme was covered by phi. The vocalic WAW is 
upsilon. WAW is also consonantal in the earliest Etruscan (ca. 10th-8th BCE).  

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