[b-hebrew] Did anyone write "Iaoue" before 1863 A.D. ?

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
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Harold Holmyard asks:

HH: Thanks for following up on this question of yours and sharing the 
results. A question that comes to mind when reading the above is what 
Codex Laurentianus is. If it's an edition of the Stromata, does it just 
say "IAOU," or does it have a note saying that he wrote IAOU and not 
IAOUE? Or is it something else?

Hi Herald

The link above takes you to an image from the Encyclopedia Britannica of

The image shows a note from an Encyclopedia Britannica Article,
that mentions the three variants in Clement of Alexandria's Stromata 
Book V. Chapter 6. [ i.e. "Iaoue" and "Iaouai" and cod. L Iaou.]

Greek Codex Laurentianus V 3 contains Clement of Alexandria's Greek



The link above takes you to a b-hebrew message named:
11th century Codex Laurentianus V 3 says: YHWH = Iaou

This message gives the following information about Greek Codex
Laurentianus V 3:

from: Clement of Alexandria, Stromateis, Books One to Three, 
Translated by John Ferguson, 
The Catholic University of America Press, c1991. 

"Textual Tradition 

The Stromateis survives in an eleventh-century manuscript from Florence 
(L = Laurentianus V 3), which has been supposed to have belonged,
like Parisinus 451 (preserving Protrepticus) to Arethas, Archbishop of

It is carelessly written, with errors of names and numbers, phrases
omitted and the like. 

The only other manuscript is the sixteenth-century Parisinus Supplementum
Graecum 250, which is in the direct line of descent from the earlier
manuscript and of no independent value. " 

Dave Donnelly

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