[b-hebrew] Did anyone write "Iaoue" before 1863 A.D. ?

goranson at duke.edu goranson at duke.edu
Sun Jan 8 09:21:34 EST 2006

Quoting David P Donnelly <davedonnelly1 at juno.com>:

> Gerard Gertoux has provided me with page  80 of what he refers to as
> "the last critical edition of the text of Clement of Alexandria"
> (A. le Boulluee - /Les Strommates V,VI:34,5
> in: Sources chretiennes n 278, Paris 1981 Ed Cerf pp. 80,81)"

I have not read all of this thread, and I do not have the book at hand, but
since spelling is at issue I suggest the editor name is spelled Alain Le

Stephen Goranson
"Jannaeus, His Brother Absalom, and Judah the Essene"

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