[b-hebrew] Did anyone write "Iaoue" before 1863 A.D.?

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Sat Jan 7 17:00:35 EST 2006

The title of this message may seem facetious,
(i.e.  Did anyone write "Iaoue" before 1863 A.D.? )
but this is a serious question.

I own an original Volume I of Smith's 1863 "A Dictionary of the Bible"
which says: ", and in a catena to the Pentateuch in a MS. at Turin
'Iaoue" [in Greek letters].

In the preceding sentence, this same book says "Iaou" [in Greek letters]
(Clem. Alex. Stom. v. p. 666)" 

This is the oldest source that I am aware of that has "Iaoue" written in
Greek letters.


The above article points to Anson F. Rainey, "How was the Tetragrammaton
Pronounced?," Biblical Archaeological Review (July/August 1985), pp.
78-79. J. Barton Payne, hawa, TWOT #484a as evidence that Clement wrote

However what edition of the writings of Clement of Alexandria was Anson
F. Rainey quoting from, when he wrote that Clement of Alexandria wrote

What is the oldest extant edition of the writings of Clement of
Alexandria that states that Clement wrote "Iaoue" in Stromata Book V.
Chapter 6:34?


The above article found in the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1910 says that
Clement wrote "Jaou" in "Clement of Alexandria ("Strom.", V, 6, in P.G.,
IX, col. 60),"

The Catholic Encyclopedia is quoting Migne, work, written in the 1880's, 
who probably copied a manuscript from J. Potter's 1715 collection.

The Catholic Encyclopedia of 1908 states:

The works of Clement of Alexandria were first edited by P. Victorius
(Florence,1550). The most complete edition is that of J. Potter,
"Clementis Alexandrini opera quae extant omnia" (Oxford, 1715; Venice,
1757), reproduced in Migne, P.G. VIII, IX. 

It is a least possible that J. Potter's 1715 manuscript was derived from 
the 11th century Greek Codex Laurentianus V 3 which quotes Clement as
writing "Iaou" and not "Iaoue".

As mentioned previously, Smith's 1863 "A Dictionary of the Bible" quotes
Clement of Alexandria as using "Iaou" not "Iaoue" in his Stomata.
Gerard Gertoux quotes Gilbert Generard (1537-1597) as writing in 1568 
that Clement wrote "Iaou" not "Iaoue".

Does  anyone who posts on B-hebrew have any solid evidence that Clement
of Alexandria actually wrote "Iaoue" and not "Iaou" in his Greek Stromata
Book V. Chapter 6 ? 

Dave Donnelly


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