[b-hebrew] A linguistic chain?

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Sat Jan 7 12:43:15 EST 2006


There was a NOVA program on TV that asked concerning the Lemda 
tribe in South Africa, and traced them back to a migration caused by 
the collapse of an irrigation dam in Yemen about 1000 AD, if my 
memory serves me correctly. As such, it was interesting, but well 
post Biblical times.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Brian Roberts" <formoria at carolina.rr.com>
> Dear listmembers:
> I'm not quite sure how to put this question so as to best express what
> I'm trying to convey, so I'll just put out the basic idea and maybe some
> linguists can help me out.
> The Qemant in Ethiopia cite their city of origin as Sennar.
> The Lemba of South Africa cite their city of origin as Senna, calling
> themselves “Ba Senna”.
> There is a village in the eastern Hadramaut in Yemen called Sena, in
> which are names which mirror those tribe names of Lemba in South Africa.
> The Lemba’s self-identified ancestor is a man called Baramina.
> Might it be possible to trace a common path of movement of Semitic
> tribes, using these and other points?
> Best Salaams,
> R. Brian Roberts
> Amateur Researcher in Biblical Archaeology

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