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> Peter, Yigal et al:
> It is this "Yeho" pronunciation both as a prefix and a
> suffix that makes me suspect that the Name was originally
> pronounced as "Yehoha" or something similar.

I cannot help but notice, however, that when the theophoric is first, it is 
usually "Yeho" as in Yehosef, Yehoykim, Yehoash..but when the theophoric is 
last, it is usually "Yahu" as in Yeshayahu. Yirimyahu so there is some form 
of lexical play with the waw.  I have always thought that YHWH was the 
Hiph'l of the Aramaic (HWH) for of HYH ane perhaps sounded YeHAWA but I am 
having second thoughts that the sounding of this name for God may not be in 
Hebrew usage (which it predates) at all but in earlier Canaanite and perhaps 
even Akkadian.


Jack Kilmon
San Marcos, Texas 

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