[b-hebrew] Theophoric name: Y:HOWYFQIYM

Peter Kirk peter at qaya.org
Tue Jan 3 20:22:41 EST 2006

On 03/01/2006 20:54, David P Donnelly wrote:

>Peter Kirk asks:
>In that case, where did the long O sound come from? 
>This would not be inserted for purely phonetic reasons. 
>It is surely derived from the W in YHWH, 
>perhaps via an intermediate form in which the W was consonantal 
>e.g. Yahweyaqim.
>I hope my next question is not too dumb.
>Is the prefix "YFH." compounded with "YFQIYM" 
>by the insertion of a "holem waw" between "YFH." and "YFQIYM".
>If it is,  the "O" sound is simply the sound of the "holem waw" being
>used in the compounding process.
>The "O" sound would not be derived from the "W" in "YHWH",
>it would be derived from the "holem waw" introduced in the compounding
My point was that the "o" sound cannot come from the compounding 
process. In English we sometimes insert "o" when meking compounds, 
especially before Greek endings like "-logy", "-scope" etc. (in fact the 
"o" was originally a Greek ending), but I don't think this is ever done 
in Hebrew. It is much more likely that names like Yehoyaqim are derved 
from the full form of YHWH prefixed to a word, with the final he (a 
mater lectionis) dropped in the compounding process. At some point the 
vav, originally consonantal, came to be pronounced as a vowel. At least, 
this is what seems most likely to me.

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